FAQs & Testimonials

FAQs & Testimonials

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I know if I have hearing loss?
Do you frequently ask people to repeat themselves? Continually turn up the TV? Have difficulty hearing at noisy places and events, like a restaurant or party? Do you choose to withdraw from gatherings because the noise is exhausting? These and other signs can potentially point to hearing problems. It’s best to schedule an appointment with an audiologist to determine the nature and extent of those problems.

What is visual speech mapping?
Visual speech mapping is a cutting-edge technology that allows the audiologist and patient to see in real-time the fine tuning of a hearing aid as it’s adjusted to a patient’s individual needs. 

What is Tinnitus?
Tinnitus is an awareness of sound in the head/ears that does not originate from an outside source. Tinnitus often accompanies hearing loss, but is not always recognizable to the patient. Exposure to loud noises, head or ear injuries, and medication side effects are all factors that can lead to the development of tinnitus.

How do I know if I need hearing aids?

A visit to our clinic is the best place to start to determine what is inhibiting your hearing. Some issues like ear wax buildup or a perforated ear drum can be corrected and provide improved hearing without hearing aids. For more serious issues, hearing aids may be required.  

Will insurance cover my hearing aids?

It depends on your provider and plan. Some providers offer a health plan that pays a specific amount toward the total cost of your purchase, or toward an amount allotted per ear. It’s best to check with your provider to find out what benefits are available for you.

Why do hearing aids cost so much?

While tiny in size, hearing aids contain complex technology that work with your ear and brain. The prices will vary from style to style.

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