Hear what our clients have to say!

"My experiences at Ears of Ardmore with Dr. Merrick have been terrific. I had to swallow my pride, as I felt hearing aids were for a person getting old—well, not so. I got my hearing aids at 48—ouch! Dr. Merrick made this process very easy. She stays up on the latest technology and provides many options and suggestions for the patient. When being fitted for the pair right for me, I found dr. Merrick to be honest in finding the best advice, opposed to the device that would make her the most profit. You leave feeling like Dr. Merrick and Leslie are genuinely sincere. They are available as needed to tune, clean, or counsel in order for their patients to get the best use of the hearing device. Appointments for tune-ups are part fo the purchase for your hearing aids and have not cost me extra. I feel like I gained much better hearing and top-not service to go along.”

~ Debby C. 

“If you hear naturally, you are blessed! But, ifyou do not, you really need to call on the ladies at Ears of Ardmore and let them help you adjust to a new world with hearing aids. They are wonderful gadgets that open the door to sound, and it’s truly a delight. I’d not be without hearing aids as my hearing is just not with me at this stage inmy life. If I broke mine today, I’d be back as soon as possible to replace them. To me, my hearing aids are indispensable. Thanks, ladies, for the help you pass along.”

~ Lockie M. 

“With these hearing aids, I hear words and sounds—and understand them—that I could not before. Thanks, Dr. Merrick, for making this possible.”

~ Ken F.